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Iran, because of geographic situation, climate and one thousand years history in traditional medicine, and also having well-known philosophers, has special and outstanding position all around world.  

According to this ecology, Iran has 11 climates from 13 common international climates which turns Iran to origin of more than 2500 different plant species and this rate is two to three times more than plant species in Europe.


List of herbal

Frankincense , Sandal wood  , Calendula  , Pomegranate  , Sesame….  and Iran’s Culinary Herbs (basil, saffron, barberry, thyme and lemon balm)




List of Kernel and Nuts

Pistachio  , Almond  , Raisin , ….




Iranian Handicraft

RANA-3BM-Mina-6   RANA-3BM-Khatam-1 RANA-3BM-RTG5-Firozekobi-11.10cm-500ht RANA-3BM-Trading

RANA-3BM Company was founded on 17 May 2009. Based on the production of electrical equipment, his productions started with Outdoor post Insulators for PARS Arrester factory.

RANA-3BM developed his productions in 2010 with production Indoor post insulators and Bushing. In 2012, the company built the plastic parts of MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) and Metal stamping parts of MCB.


Company profile

 A) Epoxy parts: 

– Indoor post Insulators

– Outdoor post Insulators


B) Plastic parts: 

– MCB cover

– RCD cover

– RCCB cover


C) Metal parts:
– Electrical MCB Screw Terminal Connector

– Screw Clamp Terminal Block

– Metal stamping parts of MCB

– Brass Stamping Parts