Resin insulators

Outdoor post insulators, Indoor post insulators, insulating base, resin insulator, Standoff Insulators, Passing insulators, Bushings for 1 kv to 36 kv




– Compact size

– Good dimensional accuracy

– High bending strength

– High tensile strength

– High impact resistance

– Good dielectric strength

– Long creepage distance

– Good arc strength

– Possibility to repair surface damage

– Low thermal capacity; temperature fluctuations cause no concentration of moisture on the surface


Epoxy Insulator


Epoxy Bushing & Hollow Insulator



Railway Insulators:  for 3kv to 25kv – Tensile up to 100kN

Bending Strength33 - 1

Epoxy InsulatorsResin Insulators for 3kv to 33kv

epoxy parts-jpg




Insulating Base: (designed by PARS ARRESTER)

66 - 77


Insulating Base (for Tridelta surge arrester)

88 - 1


Bushing: (designed by PARS ARRESTER)





Important Types of Epoxy

  • Bisphenol A: which is the resin most widely used for manufacturing of castings, moldings, laminates and filament composites
  • Novolacs: an epoxy resin with higher heat and chemical resistance and stiffness than Bisphenol A epoxy resin.  Most commonly used to create rigid castings, moldings and laminates. such as epoxy phenol novolacs (EPN) and epoxy cresol novolacs (ECN)
  • Brominated Epoxy:  which are the most ‘fire resistant’ of the epoxy resins.
  • Glycidyls:  Epoxy resin with the most flexibility.
  • Cycloaliphatics:  It is the most widely used for outdoor parts. Although cycloaliphatic epoxy resin has good mechanical strengh, its rigid structure can result in brittleness.
  • Hydrophobia Cycloaliphatics:  Epoxy resin most suitable for outdoor use because it is the most weathering resistance and great mechanical strength


RANA-3BM Company was founded on 17 May 2009. Based on the production of electrical equipment, his productions started with Outdoor post Insulators for PARS Arrester factory.

RANA-3BM developed his productions in 2010 with production Indoor post insulators and Bushing. In 2012, the company built the plastic parts of MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) and Metal stamping parts of MCB.


Company profile

 A) Epoxy parts: 

– Indoor post Insulators

– Outdoor post Insulators


B) Plastic parts: 

– MCB cover

– RCD cover

– RCCB cover


C) Metal parts:
– Electrical MCB Screw Terminal Connector

– Screw Clamp Terminal Block

– Metal stamping parts of MCB

– Brass Stamping Parts